Hello! It’s so nice you’ve stumbled across this page of mine. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I am a twenty something living in Canada and making my way in this world. I dabble in extreme organizing and furniture re-arranging, as well as spells of craftiness and cleaning and coming up with ways to keep the two kids in my life feeling both busy and cared about. I am in an incredible relationship with my boyfriend, and am learning and loving more about him and myself every day.

I have IBS along with gluten and dairy intolerance… and all of that is compounded by anxiety and depression. Crazy, isn’t it? The brain gut connection fascinates me, as does anything that might get my unstable tummy feeling more stable. I have many reasons for creating this blog, but the main one is to invite you along on my journey and research and experimentation with my own health.

“Health” is an all encompassing word for me, one that address the physical and the mental and the emotional gauges that we all have running inside us.It’s a delicate little balancing act, and I am becoming more and more passionate about achieving that balance.

So! Here you have it: my journey diary, my research sharing, my carefully put together posts that I hope you find either helpful, or entertaining, or both. Welcome, and please, stay a while!