Rib Pain & Mindfulness

Today was a rib pain day. They happen. I’ve asked my current doctor about them, I’ve had X-rays done, I’ve talked to numerous medical professionals. Nobody knows. It could be a pulled muscle. It could be bruising. Regardless. It’s been years, so I’ve learned to manage. 

Unluckily, it arrived during a family grocery shop, as loading up the cart. As soon as I was able, I got horizontal and began a guided meditation. I applied Peppermint Halo to my temples. I took a few deep inhales of Yoga Mist. I applied Stress Release underneath my ears, and the little hollow of my throat. I applied Pain Release to the sharp pains in my bottom left ribs. 

Then I laid down. And hit Play.  

Then I settled in for some #CatCuddleTherapy

Hope your weekend is off to a great start. I’m ready to go join the gang in the mischief. There was a fort in play last I heard! 😘