The Good Stuff

My goodness, we have a lot to catch up on! A nourish bowl recipe, a vegan and gluten free mac and cheese recipe, a chocolate coconut whip cream recipe, AND a spring wreath that I loved making. Are you ready? Good. Me too. 

My nails are drying and I’ve got a glass of rosé. The man of my dreams just finished play wrestling with his adorable three year old. Then they’re off to pick up that cuties’ cute sister from her THIRD birthday party of the weekend. (Miss Popular indeed)

I’ve been experimenting with nourish bowls these days. Having IBS has made me re-assess healthy eating. Now I’m looking for ways to get a variety of vegetables and starches in me. Cooked carrots, sweet potato, beets, sauerkraut, and my go to peanut sauce recipe are all my staple items. Plus a carb. God, I love carbs. 

Please find your way to that delicious nourish bowl recipe by clicking: here.

Alright. Now I’m a newbie so don’t be too hard on a girl. That recipe may seem a bit labour intensive. If you’re looking for a simpler way. Check out Yummy Mummy Kitchen’s Sheet Pan Buddha Bowl Recipe! It looks so good, and I can’t wait to try it. 

Next on the docket: this drool worthy vegan mac and cheese recipe. 

Want to make it too? I followed the recipe from These Things I Love. It turned out beautifully, and I had the leftovers with tuna mixed in the next day. (I’m a bit of a tuna freak, so like. Back off.)

This weekend, D wanted to make a point of spending individual time with each of his children. He inspires me, that man does. His plan gave me the opportunity to spend time with them individually as well! The youngest and I made a gluten free dairy free cupcake mix together. I just picked it up from Walmart. The real icing on the cake? My killer Chocolate Coconut Icing. Hello, dairy free deliciousness! 

Click the cupcake to be linked to the recipe!

Lastly? We can’t wait for spring. I’m talkin’ bike rides, spring rain, cute bird houses, planting flowers, airing out the house, and spring cleaning. So I pulled a little spring wreath together, to really get the point across that “We’re ready!”  (Or, as Spongebob might say: “I’m ready!!! ImreadyImreadyImready!”)

Okay. Have we fit everything in? Yes I do think so. My wine glass is empty, so that’s a sure indicator. I hope you’ve enjoyed the recipe share, and that you’ve had a moment to soak in some of that strengthening sunshine. 

As much as I aim to focus on enjoying the present moment, I’m really looking forward to spring. I keep splashing florals all about:

My current iPhone background, courtesy of Pinterest. Are you following me on there yet?? 💁🏻

To get my body in that lighter spring mood, especially with that time change messing around with us… I’ve been making a real point of sticking to my yoga routine. I shared a video of a little snippet of my routine on my Instagram account. I was so pleased with the comments and support I received back. Yoga has been a serious point of joy in my life for about three years now. ​

Thank you for making it to the end of a mighty long post. Cheers; enjoy your weekend!


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