Tuesdays Are My Least Favourite 

Hi. Welcome back. How are you? 

I want to talk about how some days are just harder than others. I think I’ll start by explaining how hard of a day the six year old in my life had last week. 

She had a rough day at school. Girls can be so sweet and so terribly mean. That particular Thursday, one of the girls “used mind control to lead [her] friends away.” So she was left with no one to play with for that recess, and they carried that game over to the next recess. 

After school at her grandparents, she was frustrated by her younger brother, who leans more toward physical exclamations than verbal discussions. Her patience was tested, and her spirit was bruised. This all came to a head when her dad walked in during an argument with her brother, and they both got reprimanded. She stewed a little through out the evening. And finally that night, as we settled onto her bed for reading before bed, she said she wanted to tell me about her day. 

And oh my friends, can you not recall that hot anger? The repeated efforts and rebalancing of emotions. The difficulty of articulating and pinpointing what it was that had your cheeks so heated and your eyes stinging. 

Children’s lives. D and I said, smiling at each other this evening. So full of paradoxes! D said. And I nodded.

But our adult lives aren’t much freeer from such paradoxes. I too, am reaching those frayed ends of patience, with my health these days. This whole idea of having a balanced physical and emotional and mental well being? Only achieved via some paradox of health code. A code I can’t get figured out right now. Sometimes I make peace, and accept that I cannot fight the current that is IBS. Sometimes, the handicap that it places on my life, has me irate and the impatient perfectionist in me rears her head. 

It’s a delicate balance. I want to accept what I can not change. And change what I can. 

Oh. And why do I hate Tuesdays so much? Tuesdays have no Motivation Monday vibes, they aren’t a celebratory half way mark, they aren’t the day before TGIF, they aren’t a Friday. And Tuesdays are definitely. Not weekends. That leaves them with nothing to offer the week, and I think they should just count as nap days. Argue me in the comments. I’m in the mood 😏 Just kidding. 

Here’s to not fighting the ocean. Cheers. ✌️


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