Mani Monday – Mental Health Monday

Good evening friends! I have something a little different for today’s Monday post: beginning to talk about mental health. 

Here’s the mani! Cute right?! And my sweets craving was satisfied with these Larabar Bites. 😍 So simple. See the hearts tutorial on my last post!

My mental health, is a tumultuous little environment. I was given the diagnosis of PTSD after meeting my psychiatrist over two years ago. I was suffering from panic attacks, anxiety ridden days, and depression. I couldn’t make it through a work day, without excusing myself to cry in the bathroom. I felt as though I had lost all control of my emotions, and I was scared, and I was exhausted. 

Turn to two years later. I am happy frequently. I understand my anxiety and depression better. I am treating the two, and focusing on getting my diet and physical health balanced out. The more I read and research, the more I see the connection between mental and physical health. 

And on particularly hard days? I focus on the most important three! 🤗

More mani and mental health Mondays to come! Stay tuned! 💕


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