My bestie J and I were daydreaming about manicures the other day. She mentioned a heart on her ring finger … or maybe some crescent moons… and she traced a half circle coming out from her cuticle.

So full credit rights for this idea definitely go to her!

Now without further adieu:

Ladies and gentleman. That heart manicure you were day dreaming about? Completely attainable.

The Beauty Department gave me the knowledge for this adorable, simple little manicure.

My colours of choice this week?

Revlon: Romantique and a Gold glitter

(Big ugly flower in the background is optional.)

So as The Beaty Department so beautifully puts it (see the post here) … the goal of a heart with nail polish? Is to make two circles just touching one another, and then pull that polish down a little into a point.

Ring from Sutton Smithworks. Click on the image to check out their Etsy shop.

I got fancy with it and added crescent moons with the gold. Can you blame a girl? That sparkle though. 😍

Mug front Anthropologie.

Mm! Now the only problem? Finding a cuter manicure for next week! Have a lovely Monday folks. 💅🏼


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