Sunday Meditation: I Am the Sea.

I find it difficult to relax. Now, you might giggle and roll your eyes at that… but truly. Even being on medication for anxiety and depression, I still find myself needing to center. The medication isn’t carrying the whole load here… I need to put some work in too. But that’s just how I feel about it.


What I like to do with my stress and tension at the end of the day/ week: is a yoga session to exhaust any negativity. I want to work off the petty annoyances of the week. I want to turn those piddly moments into my own strength and wisdom. Once I’m good and weary, I plop down on my meditation pillow. (Oh my god it is the most amazing thing. Keeps my mind focused on the breathing and the thought stream, and not on the fact that my foot just fell asleep and I can’t feel my bum cheeks anymore.)


I’ve jotted down my most recent meditation for you, if you’d like to give it a read!


I close my eyes.

Breathe deeply in through my nose and out my mouth.

I connect with my body, and observe.

Relaxing muscles from my toes, up to my ankles.

My ankles are now pooled in relaxation,

I breathe a little deeper into my tummy.

My calves are little creeks, running water up the hills of muscle; down.

to my knees. Past pebbles and intricate little knots of sinew and bone.

My knees are swirling black pools of water, strong.

I breathe into my thighs, relaxing each strand of muscle and each joint.

My thighs are rushing rivers: fueled by creeks and whirlpools.

These rivers crash into my rib cage, and flow and settle backwards into my abdomen.

Swirling and calm and wise.

I am the sea.

Wise in my great passage of time logged, and most importantly: patient.

Regardless of the weather today, my tides will crash and smooth the bones of

My shoulder blades and hip bones. Crafting finer curves and lines, out of sheer


I am the sea.

With grand waterfalls collapsing from shoulder blades into the deep wells of elbow joints

and rushing streams down my forearms to pool in my

open palms.

Open palms: Accepting of the good things that I deserve.

I do enough. I have enough. I am enough.

I. Am the sea.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

Waves lapping beneath layers of skin.

I am the Sea.


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