Saturday Stock Up

– or. An IBS Pantry/ Fridge

Grocery shopping day! D and I hit up our local grocery store every other week. This week, we made a special effort to fill the lower (biggest) portion of the cart with veggies and fruit. It wasn’t hard. We let taste buds and soup and salad goals guide us. Yams, sweet potatoes, romaine lettuce, radish, kale, gala apples (from B.C.!) and the rest. Next we stocked up on pickles, pickled beets, and sauerkraut. Bell peppers, grape tomatoes and cucumber rounded out the salad options. And we finished it off with a brief walk through the aisles for things like: kitten food, frozen berries for smoothies, turmeric for smoothies, tuna, rice crackers and some chicken, eggs, and gluten free sausage for protein.

And now. Our pantry and fridge look like this!





Canned beans, vegetables, tuna, salmon, potatoes, sweet potatoes, coconut milk and yams and a couple other treats…. this corner cupboard completes our staples in the kitchen.

Get ready folks! The recipes are collecting and they’re going to be shared soon!!!

Until then, we are resting this evening… in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday tomorrow.

Super Bowl Sunday Menu? Chicken wings breaded with gluten free crumbs and coconut flour, popcorn (drizzled with margarine and sprinkled with salt!) and gluten and dairy free cookies. Oh that will be what I dream about tonight.

I hope your Saturday finds you just as contented and smiling. Good night friends!





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