Alright. So I did this manicure yesterday… Regardless. It was a cute and simple procedure and I got some studying done while I waited for them to dry!

What are you going to need? 

– 2 nail polish colours of your choice. I picked purple and gray. 

– 1 glitter nail polish of your choice. I chose gold glitter!

– scotch tape

– clear coat

Then, with some trusty scotch tape, just set up your painting parameters!

Once you have your base colour on and fully dried…. (I waited a full day between the purple base coat and the gray and sparkle additions… but that’s called laziness my friends. Not ingenuity.) …. you can do something like this:

So for my nails, the ring and index finger got diagonal lines, the pinky and thumb got a half way across the nail line, and the index got split in half down the middle with tape. Now that you’ve got your perimeters set up: add your accent colours! Go wild. I only used glitter on the pinky and pointer finger, but you are the creator here. 

Once you’ve allowed that all to dry. Top with a clear coat and read another chapter of your textbook – okay the latter part might not be a requirement for you… and et voila! Your Monday ready mani!

Now. Go enjoy some tea and admire your fine fingers. 

Until next time, toodles!


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