Alright. So I did this manicure yesterday… Regardless. It was a cute and simple procedure and I got some studying done while I waited for them to dry!

What are you going to need? 

– 2 nail polish colours of your choice. I picked purple and gray. 

– 1 glitter nail polish of your choice. I chose gold glitter!

– scotch tape

– clear coat

Then, with some trusty scotch tape, just set up your painting parameters!

Once you have your base colour on and fully dried…. (I waited a full day between the purple base coat and the gray and sparkle additions… but that’s called laziness my friends. Not ingenuity.) …. you can do something like this:

So for my nails, the ring and index finger got diagonal lines, the pinky and thumb got a half way across the nail line, and the index got split in half down the middle with tape. Now that you’ve got your perimeters set up: add your accent colours! Go wild. I only used glitter on the pinky and pointer finger, but you are the creator here. 

Once you’ve allowed that all to dry. Top with a clear coat and read another chapter of your textbook – okay the latter part might not be a requirement for you… and et voila! Your Monday ready mani!

Now. Go enjoy some tea and admire your fine fingers. 

Until next time, toodles!


Saturday Snippet

Have you ever been here: You bought that bunch of bananas on your grocery trip. They seemed perfect: slightly green on the tops and slowly ripening. You add the cheery bunch to your cart or basket and take those suckers home.Not three days later, they are looking worse for wear. You can only eat bananas so fast, and so you watch them deteriorate on the kitchen counter.

01-28-17 BANANAS 1.jpg

Fear not all ye banana eaters! Today’s Saturday snippet took longer to write than it will take you to complete.

Here’s what you will need:


  1. Your ripe (or slightly over-ripe) bananas.
  2. Plastic wrap
  3. A plastic Ziploc type bag.

What you gotta do:

  • Take the five minutes to peel the bananas
  • Feel free to break them in half as you place them in the plastic wrap (they’ll lie flatter)
  • Place your neatly pre-packaged bananas into that baggie and pop it in the freezer.

01-28-17 BANANAS 3.jpg

Bam! There you have it folks. Bananas that are ready for your morning smoothie, that banana loaf that you’re craving, an intriguing Pinterest recipe… speaking of Pinterest – if you want to share that digital friendship with me: click here.


So happy Caturday to you! May your day breeze by at this kitten’s level of comfort. ❤